Ever since we were told to experiment with communicating in the commentary fields of each others blogs, I have been trying to be a little active. Initially I thought this would be a great way to connect to other students, start discussions that enhance my understanding of the field of digital forensics, receive valuable input on the work I submit, and so on. But this has not worked out at all as I have planned. It is a complete and total failure. But why is that?

Well. I have been giving it a good try. First of all I have completely open commentary sections on my public blog, anyone can join in on any of the articles that I write. But apparently – there is not a lot of traffic coming from the school. And as I beforehand already suspected – the general public could not care less about my reflections on mind mapping and team work. But this seems to be a problem for everyone in the school (with a few exceptions). I think there are two reasons for the commentary part of the blogs are not working as they should – one is Moodle being way too user-unfriendly when it comes to dynamic discussions and alerts, and two – everyone is getting a great experience using Skype for discussions and updates. The blog commentary system is not the best way to go, as we can see from the other parts of the internet – people only comment when there is something shocking or controversial being published. And I believe that is not something we should embark on.

That being said, I have tried to actively join in on other discussions – mostly on Moodle. I have been writing comments about work others have submitted, and been giving advice about software and other useful academic input the other students. This has resulted in some positive feedback, but the has been very little ongoing discussions. There also seems to be some issues with the alerting on the Moodle, so that if you comment on another persons blog – you do not receive an alert if someone replies on the same thread.

I have a few plans to increase the activity in the commentary fields, but I will see throughout the semester if any of it works as planned. Keep on bloggin´in the free world!