First off in Introduction to Information Security we learned about one of the most important parts of doing Digital Forensics, namely ethics. Due to the nature of our learning – ethics are a vital part when keeping the interests in mind of our clients, colleagues and the rest of society.

Our group that still consist of four members took on the challenges and activities, which are as follows:

The result of our work on ethical guidelines were going great, but unfortunately we experienced some troubles when one of our team members experienced some issues outside of school. I were meant to take our finished result and design a nice poster of it – but due to the problems this can not be done. I will on the other hand post this later when possible.

Regarding the harassment case we encountered first some issues regarding the description. We were unsure if we were approaching the case as an investigator from the Police – or hired in as a private contractor. The case consisted of an individual being accused of harassment – but when looking into the case one discovers that the suspect is in fact the victim. The ethical issue happens once you discover pornography on the victims company computer – which could lead him to be fired (perhaps due to the company policy). What do you do? Here I offered two angles:

As a police officer I would not make notice of this at all, unless the pornographic material was of a criminal matter (such as children, rape etc). I believe it is not the Police investigators task to enforce a company policy, and I would only proceed with the evidence related to the harassment case. This is also a matter for the government not trespassing on the peoples privacy.

But as a private investigator – I would first handle the issue of the harassment. Delivering evidence to the company making matters more clear – and perhaps turning the evidence over to the Police if the harassment is of a severe degree. As a separate matter I would also deliver any evidence to the company revealing any kind of breach to their policy – including pornography downloaded to the workstation. As a hired investigator your loyalty lies with the company – and you are in fact the eyes and ears of your employer.

So now that we got the ethics straighten out – lets learn some hacking and security methods 🙂