So what have I done regarding interaction lately?

I have organised all the posts into subcategories for each class. I have also tried to be more active in the forums – but I am still struggling with the motivation to be active there. Since no-one else cares. Talking in the forrest to myself is not my cup of tea. My impression are still that people dont care to communicate there, due to lack of usability. And – since Skype is far superior it is still being used as the number one arena for sharing tips and recommendations.

As far as in-person interaction I have signed up for and are planning to go to some conferences in the next future. In relation to these I have been in discussions with fellow students and corporate leaders regarding several information security issues. This has mostly happened on Facebook.

Other than that I have had some other good interactions online. Today I got my chronicle published in one of the biggest newspapers in Norway, Dagbladet. The chronicle was on a political topic regarding the governments handling of the refugee crisis. Seeing that I sparked a debate that ended in almost 1000 comments and 1700 shares on Facebook – I would say that my quota for “interaction” should be more than filled! 😀

To see my chronicle and read the commentary – please follow this link: Dagbladet Chronicle