Since the Discrete Math Course did not give any extra credits for blogging about the course, I have spent most of my time in january and february just getting deep into the course – instead of writing about it. For my own record and for anyone else wondering about discrete math, I will be writing this brief blogpost about what it is, how it works and what I have gained from it.

In the beginning I felt that discrete math (DMA) was a subject I could not really grasp. Whenever I tried finding some information online about it, looking at various youtube-videoes and conference talks – I always ended up with a vague idea of what it is and how it works. Everyone had their own version of how they used it, and none of the ever seemed to talk about anything remotely similar to actual math. So when the course was due at my school, my feelings were both curious and fearful.

To skip ahead a bit, I have enjoyed DMA a lot. It has given me a whole lot of tasks to complete – which at first seemed like nonsense – but in the end left me with a greater understanding of a wide area of computer techniques. Although it is called “math”, it really could be described as computer logic.

Some of the areas we touched upon were graph theory, logic, set theory, probability and trees. I have to admit I found certain theorems a bit wishy-washy, but they helped lay the foundations for a greater understanding of other overlaying topics and problems. At the end of the course I really started enjoying this stuff, probably due to the fact that the beginning of the course were a bit confusing – and not to mention my two kids and wife being sick all the time.

I have not received all of the grading yet, but if my calculations about my calculations are correct – I should be looking at a B in this course. If my calculations are incorrect – well that remains to be seen. Thats only logical 😉

To finish up, I have to admit that at the end of the course and after submitting my final assessment paper – I felt the weeks had just flown by in a haze. But I have all this new math in my head – and I could say that I finally understand this “wishy-washy”-math. The feeling can only be described as when Neo wakes up after being taught Kung-Fu in the Matrix.