In this blogpost I am going to write a very negative review of the internet. I am going to leave out the positive commentary, which means bringing out all the negative sides – without embellishing. Although I might sound very negative, I find this a very useful task – just because it lets you really dig deep in the pessimistic side og the “Bad Internet”.

1. Public intelligence:
First of all I want to address an issue that is hard to accept. The decline in peoples ability to develop a mindset that is exploring and creative. Whilst the TV was considered the “idiot box” for decades, it now seems we all have an idiot box attached 24/7. At first you might say that the internet is the most wonderful thing in human history, where we have the whole world at our fingertips – all the collective human knowledge gathered over centuries, as well as millions of new entries added every day. All of this in the palm of our hand. And what do the average human do with it? Watch cat videoes. A tool is only as great as the skillsman handling it. And right now – the monkey is using the hammer to scoop pooh.

2. Surveilance:
Do you remember Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon? If you are a skilled internet user, you probably dont because you werent born. I will tell you, he is a former american president who recently mostly appear in internet memes. This is the president that was forced to resign from office because he had spied on a few people with a couple of illegal microphones. (Wiki) Today, Barrack Obama is doing the same thing – only to all of the american people. Of course, this is called Big Data Surveilance and you might say it is only metadata – but it is right up there in the same street. With the internet becoming a common thing, and IoT-devices (Internet of Things) is something everyone has – you dont have to be a conspiracy theorist to get scared. All of you, and all of your friends and family – are connected and possibly monitored. If you choose to exclude yourself – not only will you become a social pariah, your odd anti social behaviour will probably land you a stamp as an enemy of IngSoc (G. Orwell, 1949).

3. Crime areas:
The outcasts of society love the internet. Not only can anyone rob hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign banks without having to even leave the comfort of your own livingroom sofa, you can also mug ordinary people, destroy lives of those you hate, commit terrorist attacks, increase ad revenue for the Kardashians, sexually assault children and traffick both illegal drugs and humans. As if that was not bad enough – the black market digital currency BitCoin also makes sure that the criminals doing this stuff can transfer funds anonymously. Except the Kardashians. They probably only take dollars.

4. Health issues:
The majority of the western population is obese. You might say we are a generation of obeast. If you put up a timecurve of the increase of people online vs the increase in obesity – they would probably align perfectly. Once the youth of the western world (probably) were all super athletes. And today they are all pasty and pale sundodgers. No, of course its not as bad yet. But if your workstation includes a desk that elevates to standing position – just to keep you from dying too early – that is a good indication of how dangerous life online can be.

Alright, that was my top depressing points of why the internet should be considered totally aweful. I should also include global warning and environmental issues. But then I would just refer back to point 1 again.

Thanks for reading. Now log of and go outside.