I am very excited to start the new course – Programming and Databases. In the past I have had a lot to do with databases, especially working in Joomla. But, although I have had a lot to do with it – I have not programmed any of them from scratch. Most of the time I start out with a sample database, and do alterations on them. Joomla uses MySQL, and to alter them (f.ex. changing lost admin password with different hash) I use PhpMyAdmin. I have also via WHM/cPanel set up new databases and attached users and rights. But again, this will be different I am sure.

Our first lecture in this were a simple introduction. One of the quotes that summed it up for me was – “data that have been organised in a manner that gives them meaning for the receipient” (Turban et al, 2005)

We all use databases every day, and is a key part of our technological lives. It will be fun to see what this course brings for us to play with.