Data quality – where to begin? There are so many reasons why good quality data is important. Firstly, it can be a great source for having a great resource in your business or any other operation – but more importantly, bad data can be equally harmful.

Most parts of any business is reliant on good data quality. You can retrieve great information about your market, about what needs to be done to improve efficiency and also to keep your customers happy. Working in a government agency or law enforcement, data quality can mean the difference between getting the job done with the right info – or not.

There are several places that the data can go bad. Either because the program (hereunder design and technical features) is not fit for purpose, or it can come from human error through poor training, lack of understanding, intentional or unintentional errors and so on. The latter is acutally the biggest problem.

Richard T Watson said: “Data are high quality if they fit their intended uses in operations, decision making, and planning. They are fit for use if they are free of defects and possess desired features”. He also published in 2007 a list of 18 dimensions of what constitutes good design.