Finally we were going to move from design and modelling, to actually writing some SQL scripts. For me, writing a language as SQL seemed easy, since it is very related to how I used to write CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). So it felt familiar, but – where the mindset of design and how to make things work together in CSS – it all changed in SQL. Also, where I a program calles Espresso when I were making my classes and so on in CSS, I only had a “advanded” text editor to work on my SQL files. Not a big problem – but I would sure like to have something similar for SQL also.

Initially I were a bit dissapointed we were not going to dig deeper into MySQL, but were going to work in SQLite insteasd. Although, after hearing the benefits of SQLite and how it is very light and flexible – I found it to be a great starting-point. It is quick to get into, but of course – we are not covering everything in this course, so there are bound to be more to explore.

All in all working with SQL has been going great. Creating tables, inserting sample data, making queries in command prompt etc, all is going well. Occasionally I might get a syntax error here and there, but what I quickly learned about SQL is that is gives great feedback on all errors. They are sorted out very quickly.

Due to time issues, I wish I had more time playing around with doing all kinds of queries. But soon there is summer holiday, so I might just make myself an ice cream database! 🙂