“Digital Forensics in Hostile Environments” is a guidebook for forensics examiners that are considering applying and going to different types of areas of conflict or natural disasters. The guidebook has a quick and compact format that lets the reader get understandable information and insight information from reliable sources.The book covers the three main stages of working in a hostile environment – preparation, on location and coming home.

I wanted to publish the guidebook (Digital Forensics in Hostile Environments) as a proper book and in the correct EPUB-format, and that those interested had to sign up for the download – so I could later ask for useful feedback. But seeing that everyone at school are in summer mode – and very few signups have been made so far, I have decided to just release the book for direct download. And, of course, you anyone who reads it – some feedback would be appreciated. Please use the commentary section below, or make direct contact with me.

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