The assessment for the Programming and Databases course was to design and create a database program for an imaginary company. The company we were to treat as a client were the bookstore “Murder and Mischief” – a bookstore moving from physical spreadsheets to the digital world.

As a programmer I had to do several tasks, as well as a any tasks I see fit for purpose:

  1. Research and assumptions
  2. Data modelling with EDFs and ERD.
  3. Normalisation process
  4. Creating an algorithm and diagram for Python program
  5. Making SQLite scripts for setup and query
  6. Testing via Command Prompt
  7. Making the program in Python
  8. Writing a reflective report.

All of this went very well, except that I put a lot of time into the “trial and error” part of the python program. I also planned for a lot of functionality that were not needed, and although it did not say in the assessment sheet I were to make an algorithm and diagram – it is good practice to do so. I ended up with a program that has all the nessessary functionality, but some departments were not completed before delivery. But combined, this project landed me a nice grade that I am happy with. Especially considering I were expecting a little baby girl right around the time of the course were scheduled.

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