So, summer holiday are over and it is time to really roll up the sleeves and start doing some computer forensics. We are all very excited about the upcoming year, since the second year of the bachelor are the most relevant we will have. The entire schoolyear is packed with really good courses, starting it of with a really important one – Forensics Practice and Procedure. In this course we learn about ow to conduct a complete investigation, from profiling and crime scene to analyzing data and presenting results in court.

Later this year we have some more great courses:

  1. Forensics Practice and Procedure – like mentioned above.
  2. File System Analysis – examing files systems with a view on types of information of use to us.
  3. Operating and File System – exploring different OS (win/osx/linux etc) and devices to develop diverse skills.
  4. Network Security – Detailed overview of security issues related to network configurations and explore flaws.
  5. Wireless and Mobile Devices – looking at different security issues and different types of information we can find.
  6. Digital Investigation – Advanced knowledge in how to carry out an investigation with different tools and techniques.
  7. Lab/Studio – information on this will come in a later journal entry.

As you can see by the lineup – this will be amazing. Seeing that the first year was mostly introductory with discrete math, programming (basic, but important skills) and third year is 60% writing the Bachelor, the second year will the year we really change into skilled investigators.

On a personal level I have “learned” from last year to clear my schedule. Although I ended up with an average grade of B last year, I felt that I wanted more time to explore each subject and research much much more. So this year I plan to not work besides the studies and really keep a tight schedule regarding time management. My mission is to raise that B to a really strong A. It will be a lot of hard work, but with this exciting list of topics – it is going to be tons of fun!