One of the activities we were to do in OFS were to install and play around with VirtualBox. This is a virtualisation tool that allows you to run multiple operating systems alongside your current main operating system.

Previously of this course I had the program already installed, but the only additional OS I had on it – were Kali Linux. This is a great linux distro with a number of really great forensics tools. It comes really in handy should you need it quickly from your laptop.

Now, VirtualBox has a number of different uses. And other than using it for Linux, it is also great for testing. Should you mess up something, you can always use a duplicate/backup.

One great tip I would like to share for the non-experienced users. Most of us who have more than 4GB RAM installed, like to use 64-bit version of the operating systems we install. But, if you at first install VirtualBox and dont see any 64-bit versions available in the dropdown menu – fear not. All you need to do is to go into the BIOS of your computer, activate virtualisation, save and restart. Then you are good to go 🙂