We were asked to write a document to why one should update to Windows 10. I am partly divided on if I am able to do that – because I have mixed feelings towards this new OS.

To be clear. If you have Windows 8 – you should have upgraded yesterday. Or – downgraded to Windows 7. It is a horrible operating system which I think is the worst thing to happen to a computer anywhere since Stuxnet. I use Win7 myself, and have no doubt. I will not go into very much into details about why in here – it will be enough said for anyone who has ever tried Win8.

So if the choice stands between Win7 and Win10 – I have my doubts. Win7 is a tested and reliable operating system which still receives support and updates. And it will for a few years more. However, there are a few functions on Win10 that would be nice to have – such as Cortana. And now that the general user experience seems to be a new mix of Win7 and OSX – it does not feel all that bad. That being said, from a forensics standpoint – none of the most used programs support being used on Win10 yet. Also – I feel that from a security standpoint there are huge security and privacy issues with it.