Suspects trying to hide evidence is something you would expect to come across. Some are more sophisticated than others in doing so. One of the more advanced methods is trying to hide information in the “slack space”.

First, what is the slack space? Well, every time you save a file to your computer it takes up a certain amount of space. Since this space almost always is bigger than the size of one sector on your hard drive (standard size for a sector on a magnetic disc is 512 bytes – 0,5kB) you file needs to be stored on several sectors. And – the file does not fill up the last sector to the maximum, leaving some extra storage space in each sector. This is what is called the slack space. In here, you are able to store information you dont want an investigator to find.

Note to remember, there might also be information in the slack space that are leftovers from other deleted files. These files are not always intended to be hidden, but are more “breadcrumbs” to find other information pieces.