Thursday the 15th of December we had a visit from Prof. Huw Read. He comes all the way from the US, where he is the Director of Computing Center at Norwich University.

It was an excellent lecture that covered so much material and gave us some really good insight into the world of anti-forensics. The lecture lastet for approx. 2,5 hours, a bit longer than what is normal. But this was just to our great delight, since this is a very interesting topic. Prof. Read were able to communicate greatly the aspect of many different issues regarding anti-forensics, as well as providing great stories to put matters into perspective. He also answered our questions with insight and were a very good speaker.

Although I would already now like to write a longer and detailed description of what I learned on the lecture (and other views I have on the content), due to the complexity and vast amount of it, I will not be able to do so before later this year or over new year.