After returning from a well deserved holiday, we had our first lecture today in the new topic Network Security. But before this we discussed the outcome of our “Spy Game” assessment results. I will not go into details about the image and overall assessment now, but many of the evaluations I made seems to have been correct. Once the final grading and feedback has been delivered, I will write a more comprehensive entry about it.

But, one of the important parts of working with the online journal is talking about the interaction we have had during the course. This (late) entry is regarding just this 🙂

And this time I will have to say I am more pleased with how I have been working with the study group. Since this was a technically challenging course, our study group has collaborated in exhanging ideas on how to do different tasks. For example how to examine raw data, how to look at MAC times, and how to set up an investigation process. This interaction has caused me to extend my learning and being able to pick up things I would normally not discover working on my own.

Other than my study group I have also participated on some forensics chats on Linkedin, discussing typical issues relating to the industry. There has also been some activity discussing on Facebook, but I have found this less important due to the nature of the medium.

As far as interaction goes, a highpoint so far has been the lecture from Prof. Huw Read. Since we were able to participate with questions and more during the lecture, we were able to interact with one of the leading people in the field. A great opportunity!

Lastly, the best type of interaction I have had during this course has actually been that I have changed from online student to campus student. This gives me more random discussions about different matters, as well as detailed information regarding spesific issues I have faced.