Once again it is time to study one of my weaknesses – Network. Although I have been setting up my home network and the occasional office network – I have felt my skills lacking. But after the Network course last year, some important pieces were filled in to my knowledge gaps. But why is network so difficult to master? The issue with network, like for many computer geeks, is that its way harder to experiment at home. Normally when using your own computer, you can do a wide variety of different tasks without having to purchase a ton of equipment. But how do you experiment with a huge network, without having 5 routers, 10 servers and 50 computers in your house? Well, like last year – we are this year also using Cisco Packet Tracer (Cisco, 2017). This program allows you to set up your network with a variety of devices. It is quite detailed, with all realistic options to test out. Perfect!

And this course is, like the title gives away, a network security course. My expectations from this course is that we will look deeper into what kind of threats you can expect on your network, and also – how to make your network safer. I already know some of the issues from before, and since most computers/devices are connected to the internet – this is a very important course. I further expect to enhance my networking skills also via this, since security is also all about knowing the technical side on a deeper understanding. You can not have security without understanding.


Cisco (2017) Packet Tracer
https://www.netacad.com/about-networking-academy/packet-tracer/ (Accessed: 09 January 2017)