In previous courses we all have not been performing our best in the department of interaction with our peers. We can gain a lot from this, and especially in the networking class I felt this were important. Since network is one of those topics you don`t get to play around with at home, there is a lot to be learned from experience. In UC2NSE101 I have felt that we as a class and group has collaborated in central terms of network setup and security, making this a greater learning experience than normal.

Besides from the usual channels of Skype and Facebook, we have engaged each other on our personal blogs and on the school system Moodle. Due to privacy reasons I will not share screenshots from this, because this will reveal students names that might not want to be revealed. For assessment reasons I will therefore only post a few links to the places we have discussed. If you have access – have a good read. If not – too bad. Blame the AAA triad 😉

About encryption:

About routing protocols:

About hosting resolving / traceroute: