So I wanted to write about a few wireless devices that I find interesting. Nowadays that could really be anything, because there is not very many devices that does not support any kind of wireless technology. So my choices are vast, and I wanted to choose someone that are particular interesting.

1. Smart Light Bulb
One of the things I remember “in the old days” was that a friend of mine installed a smart home system. It could control sound, lights and a few more features in the home. He had spent a vast amount of money to install it, due to all the cables and implementation that the smart system needed. I thought the most “impressive” and practical feature was that he could control the lights from his controller. In later years, you dont need cables and expensive systems, you only need a Smart Light Bulb that connects to your smart phone. It lets you control the color, strength (dimming) and timing of individual bulbs. Also, you can use photos to emmulate the colors on a photo.

2. Google Chromecast
I was never too impressed when Smart TVs started rolling out. I found their OS to be annoying and of little value. Especially compared to the Apple TV. My new favorite device is Googles Chromecast. Why you say? Well, its way more portable, does not need any external power supply – and it has way more options than the Apple TV. It lets you stream all the favorite services and content you need into any TV with a HDMI input. How cool is that?

3. Nexus product line
Ok, so the Nexus product line consist of smart phones and tablets. What is so new about that? Well, in this case – its more about what type of software these – and only these – devices can have. Namely Kali Nethunter. With Kali Nethunter you can deploy several really good attacks, like Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard, as well as BadUSB MITM attacks – and is built upon the sturdy shoulders of the Kali Linux distribution and toolsets (Kali, 2017).