In the Wireless and Mobile Devices -course we have had a great deal of interaction. Mostly I have been interacting with C.P. Bakke and A.F. Løvhøiden, and it has been mostly discussions and testing in regards to various wireless attacks.

The original entry was made by AFL, since he already had an Alfa antenna and knew about a certain MITM-attack. You can find the entry here (if you have access).

And as I looked at the functionality, I found it a bit “lacking” that Fluxion only offered a “small” selection of GUI-options to be presented to the victim device. Some of them to be graded “not great”. As a former webdesigner I know that the key to a good attack and the user not noticing anything weird going on – is having a great design and flawless grammar. And after some discussion and reflection of the possibilities of Fluxion, I wondered if there was a way that we could create the victim-GUI ourself. And after some research, AFL were able to determine that there indeed were this possibility.

One of the things we discussed were updated hardware, and what options are out there today. For me, I decided to purchase an Alfa antenna for myself, and I chose the AWUS036ACH. In the future I am planning to do a complete tutorial on my site for this product.

There were not many weeks in this course to do extensive interaction on this field. But working on these advanced attacks and understanding the underlaying technology provided a great learning outcome.