The IT industry today have moved a lot of their resources and services into the cloud. And as a result from this, cloud is not only being used for data storage and backup – but many typical services such as software (SaaS) or generally XaaS (X as a Service). In the recent years, Digital Forensics as a Service (DFaaS) has been offered and I will in this report discuss this further.

Whilst traditional Digital Investigations have a certain process pattern that have some time- and resource -heavy elements, DFaaS aims to solve some of these issues. This is a closer look on a common traditional process (fig1).

DFaaS offers the traditional investigative team to deliver its digital evidence into a cloud service, where a larger team of dedicated professionals work together on indexing the data, providing AAA security, and making sure that resources – both human and hardware – constantly are efficient pieces in the “puzzle”. The experience from the Dutch DFaaS-company HANSKEN shows this when speaking of their team in a report, “They have very specific knowledge about a part of a system administration and can use this knowledge to optimise(..)” (Baar, 2014).

A wide range of challenges in DF exists, explains Symmetry in a recent article on Forensics in Cloud Computing (Lopez, 2016). And although there are many issues that can be solved by using DFaaS, the lack of discussion in the community regarding weaknesses are worrying. How does this apply to privacy, legal issues, data control and other? So far, this issues has not been explained by the market leaders.

DFaaS seems to be a good solution mainly for distributing human and technical resources. But in larger organisations my conclusion is that this do not need to be outsourced for the same benefit. And as long as the disadvantages are being openly discussed – my reflection on this is that DFaaS so far is a second level option for overworked IT departments.


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