In the two previous courses we have tried something new in regards to interaction. In both courses we have achieved great progress in the field by collaborating and discussing certain topics. For our new course “Digital Investigation” I want to do something similar, just expanding the scope of interaction.

In the fall semester of 2016 I had an idea. Most cases that are brought through the criminal system in Norway keep their doors open during the trial. Anyone can join in and follow the proceedings. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about being an investigator by looking closely on the cases being brought in front of the judge. But how is this relevant to us?

First of all, being a digital forensics investigator does not only mean that you have to be able to find the data and connect the dots. You also need to turn your technical findings into presentable evidence non-technical people can understand. Having the opportunity to witness this in real-life cases from experienced investigators would be very beneficial. Also, seeing what type of evidence the investigators work with, looking at what type of clues the criminals are leaving in their trails, are of great interest.

So what are the interaction project? I have been talking to a number of prosecutors in the Kristiansand-area. They have given me information on cases, and provided me with tips on who I can contact to get more details. I have also been searching actively on to find cases of interest, and researching them more. Which again led me to the department head for Digital Forensics (FEFE – DIPOL) at Kristiansand Police Department.

Luckily, they have invited us to participate in a large trial that will be held in April. We will receive additional information and be able to ask questions to them regarding how they work. This will provide us with a great learning experience through interaction with professional peers in the Police department.

Want to read more about the case? The first journal post about the details can be found here.

Are you an online student and can not join us in Kristiansand? Let me know, and I can help you get started on finding your own cases where you live.