The first day started of a bit “slow”, since I have spent the entire weekend ill with the flu. So I therefore decided to skip the introduction where presentations of the court, prosecutors and defendants are made. Unfortunately, in Kristiansand Tinghus the doors are so noisy – you are not allowed to enter before it is break time. So I missed the opening deliberations. Fortunately the prosecutors were very helpful and gave me a copy of their deliberations.

After reading through the papers it becomes clear why this is such a huge case. There are four defendants that originates from Russia, accused of committing 55 crimes of grand theft. Apparently the four men have stolen something called “underhuset” on boat motors, and the prosecution claims that they have done so organized – making this also a case of “organized crime” (mafiaparagrafen).

In the opening deliberation papers I also read a list of all the witnesses that are planned to present testimony and present evidence. What stands out are witnesses 50 (Andreas) and 51 (Hanne). It seems both of these are expert witnesses in the field of digital forensics.

Andreas will come to present how he has secured information from cell phones and tablets, and what methods were used. Perhaps this means he will show some of the tools?

Hanne seems to be the person who will present the actual evidence that Andreas discovered. She will go through all the evidence I previously mentioned in this article.

What will be most exciting about this is to see how they create their presentation, and how they present it to the court. They will need to simplify technological terms and procedures, so that the layman of the court can understand it.