The most important part of this process, by intention, is to learn more about Kali Linux and the tools (programs/software) it offers. And to create our own distro with our favorite tools means having to test and evaluate these tools. We started out by researching different methods on evaluating software, and looked at industry standards. This were important since we were 5 people in the team, and we needed some sort of uniform output from each of us. What we decided on as our common plattform are this: LINK to Google Forms.

But there are some challenges in this. First of all, we need to test the tools, and secondly confirm that what we are doing is successful or fails. In order to do this we wished for a test environment, and for a long time we worked on getting companies like F-Secure and others to participate with an attack plattform. Unfortunately, they were not so positive about that. Resulting in a problem for us when doing tests – because many of these tools can do great harm if inflicted onto regular sites, services and users. Based on this we have scaled down the expectations for testing each product, looking at documentation, instructions and online videos of the product in use. Yes you are correct, we are watching a lot of hacking tutorials on Youtube 🙂