At the beginning of the school year in August, I wanted to do something exciting for all of the digital forensics students at Noroff University. The idea was to get together, both online and campus students, and go to a convention or something similar. Something that was fun and social, but still of great value to the field we are studying. The answer was the Paranoia convention held by Watchcom in Oslo.

Initially I attempted to just enter us as ordinary visitors with a student discount. And although Watchcom gave us an offer on this – they suggested something way better. That we receive sponsored tickets in return if we worked there as volunteers. For any student – this is a great deal. Throughout the year there was a great deal of planning on my side both in recruiting and administrating the volunteers, but also in planning much of the stuff happening around the convention itself. Travel, accommodation, social dinner, timing and so on. And then at the convention there was a lot of work making time schedule lists and coordinating who works where and so on. It sure was a massive job!

But the benefit for both me and the students were that we were also able to see “behind the stage” at this convention. Meet a lot of key people, get “inside” information and just in general be more actively involved.

And it turned out to be a really great convention! There were so many interesting people, and very informative talks, so much great information and really nice food and drinks. Best of all were also that Watchcom were so happy about us participating, that they want us to return next year. And I expect next year to be even better!