Its the end of our project and I wanted to write a few words about the personal outcome I have achieved of our year-long adventure into Kali Linux.

It has been a roller coaster of team work. Being 5 students spread across Norway has had an impact on collaborating on this. And although we came together in the end, this has taught me a great deal on how to manage and work in an offsite team. What works and what does not. One of the key parts in creating a good study environment is applying some of the same social structures you would in a traditional study group environment on campus. Such as humor, personal interest and casual “banter” has a lot to say in order for the group to often come together in more formal tasks. At times it has been challenging in regards to working hours, for example one of our team members works night shift.

As far as personal growth in understanding Kali Linux and gaining experience in the tools it includes – I am very pleased. The learning outcome is somewhat different than I first imagined, but often this is the case with learning. Although I have learned to use certain tools much more than before, its the challenges and obstacles that has driven my knowledge further. And in the end, I thought my learning outcome would be to be somewhat an “expert” in some of the Kali tools. But instead I feel that my learning outcome has been something much more valuable – the understanding of how to do research and apply it.

Once I am finished with my Bachelors degree, and eventually my Masters degree, I will work with information security and pentesting more and more in my line of work. There will be new tools, new systems and technology will keep moving. And the learning outcome I have gained from this Studio year, is the ability to face any new learning task, either tool or resource, and be able to handle it like a professional.

I want to give a great thanks to my team, Carl, Lena, Bernt and Kristoffer. Hope to work with you guys again! Thanks for now! /W