So the final course in our Bachelors degree are here, Advanced Device Forensics. This is an exciting course because it takes me into a section of Digital Forensics that I have “felt” before. And that is being given a device or service – and then asked to “hack” it and extract various data from it.

The issue with this is that in the world of computers, devices and internet – there are a wide variety of items. Also, now with IoT devices there is litterally a thing for anything. There are not only the three biggest operating systemts, but there are also mobile OS and other specially designed programs.

And what do you do if you are the first one to ever try and forensically investigate a brand new product on the market, like the iPhone X. One can expect to spend a lot of both recourses and time to get to the bottom of these types of challenges.

My hope for ADF is that there will be given a deeper insight into how to meet such challenges.